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Jerry Schickling: Guest Book

Wendy (McKee) Walburn

October 3, 2005

Hello Jerry and Bev!!! Your CD is awesome!! You aren't going to believe this, but I use to play softball with Brenda. You'll have to ask her if she remembers me (I was McKee then of course)!!

Al and Gloria Evans

September 18, 2005

Dear Jerry,
We are so proud to be your Uncle and Aunt. We know you will be up there with Garth Brooks real soon.
Love and Prayers,
Uncle Al and Aunt Gloria

Dave Peters, Radio F.M.Country 97.4 FM, Australia

September 15, 2005

G'Day Jerry,
This is Dave coming to you from Australian Radio, we have to say to you that we have more requests from the ladies who listen to our station, they all call you a spunk and they go crazy about you, your music stirs them all.
We will be real glad to get your new album on our playlist.
Cheers Mate, Keep it Cool Country.
Dave Peters, Chairman.
Radio F.M.Country 97.4 FM
PO Box 3038, Tuross Head, NSW, Australia, 2537

Laurie Brown

September 15, 2005

Hi Jerry. I am Bill D's sister in Seattle. Want to wish you all life's best in your musical pursuits. Come to Seattle. Country is big here.

Donna Moyer Jay

September 12, 2005

Jerry, you won't remember me, but our sons, Mike and Jeff came to play with you when you all were little. Your Mom is a very dear and old friend of mine. Jeff is a stuntman/actor and here you are all grown up and doing well too. Way to go!!! We look forward to hearing more good things in your future. Best wishes.

sal and paul (B-Bar- M Campground)

September 4, 2005

Had a great time with you at the
Labor Day fest at the campground.
Thanks a million


August 26, 2005

Just truly amazing boys, keep the great tunes flowing and in no time at all, you'll be at the top !!!
Also great job on lead from the new guy mark kos, he just blew me away, once again, GOOD JOB !!!!!!

Major Doug

August 18, 2005

Jer & Band, I heard your gig at the Clearfield Fair was awesome. Sorry I missed it.

DJ Dave

August 11, 2005

Great site, Great Music

alex the whowho

August 11, 2005

Hi Uncle Greg and North Country, and, of course Jerry! You guys sounded awesome at the fair! I'm so proud of you!!!!

judy kanyo

August 10, 2005

hi JERRY!! WE met on paltalk whp . You invited me to your website soooo here i am! good luck with your music career!! Now its your turn to sign my guestbook at

Dave and Anne Ziegler

August 5, 2005

awesome awesome awesome I think you guys have found the everything you really needed now! Your sound has everything now. You have been getting better everytime we have listened to you guys play and again at the fair you did it again. I really think if you keep North Country the way it is and strive brother your there. of course you could always use me up ther helping you sing. wink wink. Dave


August 4, 2005

Had a great time listening to you sing at the fair! I know you are going to go far in your career!

Scott and Kathy

August 3, 2005

Hey Jerry, Its great to hear things are going well with you and your band. I just want to invite you and Bev to the Homested on Sunday the 18th of September for diner. We just want to get together with some of our Elk Country friend and say thank for all your kindness. Maybe we can set around and listen to the elk and you sing alittle. Take care and may god bless you. Scott and Kathy


August 1, 2005

you guys are waaay lucky to have picked up Greg & Mark!! You sounded awesome at the fair!!! Keep it going! (my brother's just so cool)

Gin & Bob

August 1, 2005

Hearing good reports last night at the hospital, the show was a smash.Way to go for you and the band. Things are really looking up. Jerry are you thinking about a video made for ypur song. Would be great to see it on CMT. Just a thought. WE didn't make it to yhe show,we were called in early. We knew you and the band would tear them up.

Waylan Loyd

July 31, 2005

WOW,I met Jerry at the Clearfield Fair tonite,we really enjoyed his songs,I hope the best for him and his band..Thanks for honoring us Vets

Jan Moore Boyer

July 30, 2005

Hey Jerry, You go cowboy!!!!!! Sorry, I will miss you all at the fair. See you soon, though.

Radio F.M.Country 97.4 FM, Australia.

July 29, 2005

Hello Jerry, Mate,
We are giving your albums heaps of airplay, so far we have had some very good response from our listeners, as you are modern country the younger listener is requesting you when I'm on air. Yes even the truckies are requesting you, you will have to have a big rig song, so I can play it to them ??.
We used the christmas album for our Christmas in July, we used a number of songs off that album.
Well Mate, I would love to see a full album from you, as the listeners love you so much.
When you come to Australia will you let me know, as I'd love to do an Australian media promotion for you??.
All the best for now. From Dave Peters, Chairman,
Peterco Entertainment Promotions, Radio F.M.Country 97.4 FM, PO Box 3038, Tuross Head, NSW, Australia, 2537.

Scott McKay

July 29, 2005

Schick, you friggin rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Man, the upline's gonna shit a gold bar when you hit it

Heather Olson

July 21, 2005

Good luck! Can't wait to hear your band at the Clfd Cty Fair. Met you and your wife a long time ago at St. Charles Karaoke. Best of luck and live your dream to the fullest. I'd like to meet you again some day and sing with you sometime.

Tom Paden

July 20, 2005

Great website and great job on the songs! I really loved talking to you the other day and I'll give you a call tomorrow. Take care and thank you for recording my songs!

Aimee Aiello

July 14, 2005

Hi Jerry,
I enjoyed meeting you and your wife Beverly at the graduation party for my niece Sarah a few weeks ago. You sounded great and I look forward to hearing you and your band in the near future. Take care and best wishes for continued success!

Mark Kos

July 7, 2005

Hey Jerry, looking forward to get a jammer going. Great site by the way.

Rod & Rusty Lindholm

June 30, 2005

Hey Jerry & Bev,,,We back you and thank you again for what you did for us.(Bill too) We have your cup. Thanks.

Kelly and Brenda McDowell

June 27, 2005

Jerry and Bev,
You have a story yet to be told! One of these days, the McDowells will "pop" in on one of these performances. Your persistence should serve as an inspiration to all in whatever their heartfelt endeavors are. We certainly love both of you and as Churchill is famous for saying "Never, never, never give in"! Florida is watching. Get er' done.

Paul McKosky

June 27, 2005

Jerry- I have been following all your major events. Really EXCITING. I'm just about over the hill and it took me all this time to meet an honest to goodness celebrity. continued good luck. Paul

Dave and Anne Ziegler

June 26, 2005

Jerry WOW! you and Northcountry sounded great last night! We thank you for coming up You made a lot of fans and friends in Ridgway. Your songs are awesome.I'm not sure if you noticed but the vet song touched the woman vet so much that walked up to you. She was actually in a WHEEL CHAIR! BOTH HER AND HER HUSBAND WERE TOUCHED SO DEEPLY THEY WERE CRYING! You know your singing when you can touch people so deep. ! Thanks brother. That in it self was priceless. Any thing Anne and I can do just name it. And by the way Get me some CD'S TO SELL IN THE STORE . YOUR FRIEND DAVE

Alison Paulsen

June 21, 2005

Cool website and sound Jerry I look forward to hearing more of your music and being able to plat you on WesternHearts Radio on PalTalk

DJ Marie

June 16, 2005

Congratulation Jerry ..what an awesome site, enjoyed it very was a pleasure playing your songs and what a super voice..hope you stop in to see us again on Paltalk....Marie

mavis (countess)

June 15, 2005

just listened to your music clips they are fantastic i really like the one if only.
best of luck for 2005 and the future as well

Murph n Turk

June 12, 2005

Hi Jerry, thanx for mixing for us on the river. You did a great job! We're looking forward to making some music with you in the future!
Murph n Turk

Sharen Graham

June 7, 2005

Went to see you and your band June 3, 2005 at Over the Mountain...came from Butler, PA to see you. Enjoyed the show very much. Hope to see you again sometime.

Krissy Graham

June 7, 2005

I finally got to see you live, very impressive. I have to say it was worth the wait. The band was very good, and the bass player was just incredible ( and very easy to look at), thanks for a good night of music and fun. I will be counting the days to your next show.


May 22, 2005

I like your music Jerry .I met you with Hound Country at the grocery store in Ridgway..Your awesome country artist..:)

Dave and Anne Ziegler

April 10, 2005

Jerry and the 3 Strings you guys sounded great last night you can see the improvement just since the concert you put on. That was cool to see the difference. Keep up the good work.The back of the crowd last night was too worried about eating to clap but don't worry I'm sure they were listening and enjoyed I know the front half were all like wow This guy sounds great so does his band .There was a cpl sitting at our table they were like wow this guy is great! Keep up Brother Peace Dave and Anne

Becky and David Towne

April 3, 2005

Hey great web site...really love the pictures...Sorry we didn't get down to Clearfield last night...had a sick son and no sitter...the joys of parenthood...We will try and make the next gig...
Your great and can't wait to hear the new cd.
Becky and Dave

Dave and Anne Ziegler

April 3, 2005

well what can I say your concert4/3/05 was great. very entertaining! I like the way you keep talking with the crowd thats important don't loose that.And I am very sure what you did for the WAR time VETS meant the WORLD to them It touched me as well.That was very special Your great guy. And the band did great as well. AND LETS NOT FORGET THAT GREAT SOUND LADY BEV AWESOME JOB HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON DAVE!

Dave and Anne Ziegler

March 30, 2005

AWESOME job at the hound I enjoyed listening to you . took me back to when I sang years ago. Thanks to Bev for hanging out with me I just got out of the hospital and was not up to moving around . Can't wait to see you guys again. your friends dave and Anne

Bill Diehl

March 18, 2005

What a nic time at the Hound...They treated us an artis it is a great feeling to know that we have a place like the hound to help locals .... i tell everybody that the Hound is the real D.O.G. in town..thanks Jerry for making me a part of you....

T.G. Hoh

March 18, 2005

I heard Jerry sing on the Hound 97.5fm, 3/17/05. What a voice, totally original, not like the cookie cutter types Nashville is putting out today. This is the type of voice which will last a long time, like Geroge Strait, Kenny Rogers, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, George Jones and Johnny Cash. They are as original as Jerry. Here's to a long and successful career.

steve logue

March 17, 2005

good luck

Dave and Anne Ziegler The ELK COUNTY PATH

March 16, 2005

Jerry Great job We love your music.We hope to be seeing a lot more of you and Bev real soon Peace brother. Dave

Scott and Kathy Rhodes

March 13, 2005

Thanks for all the kindness and the friendship you and your wife showed us. You and the rest of the committee are good people. I just wish I had become a member sooner of the R.M.E.F. Good luck with the music career and we will be looking and listening for your new songs. Good Luck and God Bless, Scott and Kathy


March 4, 2005

your new bass player is awesome!!

Bill Ogden

March 2, 2005

It is obvious to everyone who knows Jerry that success is his for the taking! Drive, focus, talent and Beverly gaurentee this winner a ride to the top!!

Rose and Ray Bloom

February 27, 2005

We really enjoy your music. Good luck in the future. Looking forward to your shows and your new record.

Greg Logue

February 27, 2005


Layne Conrad

February 24, 2005

Pictures appear rather fuzzy on my monitor! Is it me or the source?

Good Luck and keep us up-dated!

Carrie Duafala

February 24, 2005

Good Luck Jerry!!

dougie thomson

February 24, 2005

You've come a long way since OZONE and the Thomson Wrestling Club! Good luck and watch out for the "Dips" in the road and guys on bicycles with bottle rockets. Or is that the other way around???
Again good luck and God bless.

Robert & Virginia Traveny

February 24, 2005

The only way is up and Your on your way . He is watching over you.

Doty McDowell

February 24, 2005

Good Luck ! Webpage looks great.

Dave Smeal

February 24, 2005

Lookin good Jerry!


February 24, 2005

you are the Man !!!!!
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