I am currently producing a CD project with Jerry Schickling in Nashville. We are cutting some incredible songs with the best studio players in town. Jerry is singing his heart out and the passion is coming through on each song. I am excited about this project, and can’t wait for everyone to hear it. Watch out country music fans, Jerry Schickling is about to rock your world. Tom Paden / Songwriter, publisher, producer. Paden Place Music, Nashville”

Tom Paden / Paden Place Music

I am a vocal coach hired by Tom Paden to work with Jerry Schickling in the studio. With a big range, rich resonance, a heart full of passion for his music and a williness to work for excellence, Jerry Schickling has been a joy to work with. I look forward to the rave reviews he will get when this cd comes out!”

Judy Rodman

For independent artists, getting airplay on broadcast radio stations is less likely today than at any time in the past. Realizing that there are thousands of quality groups/acts looking for your ears is one reason we've taken to highlighting the better ones here. Jerry Schickling's "It's a Good Thing" has sing-along-simple lyrics and a bouncy melody. He's one of many indie artists featured at RRadio Music” - Ken Dardis

RRadio Music

Different intro to norm. Good lyrics. Good use of vocals. Not the normal flat song. Good crisp recording...” - Ken Randall

— Radio Great Southern Australia 1422 am

Great song "It's A Good Thing". Good voice Jerry. I am writing you from Romania. I am the owner of Country Do Club Romania and my company produces syndicated radio shows with country music for 12 radio stations across Romania including National R3 Romania station www.Radio3net.ro". I am a Sterling Member of CMA,the only one in Eastern Europe(#503088)” - Dorin Marincas

Country Do Club

I wanted to share something with you. A very nice elderly lady who listens to my Internet radio station emailed me awhile back to let me know she loves your song "It's A Good Thing". She said "the song makes me feel young again and it was so nice to hear positive music such as this". You are doing something right when people feel your music. Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to share your music with our listeners.” - Steven Carter

Eagle Country Radio